Buffet Menu

£15.90 per person, child under 1.4m £7.90

There are 3 courses to choose from – Starters & Soup, Crispy Duck and Mains.

How to order:
You may order as often as you like for each course before moving on to the next course. You may skip any course as you wish. Once you move onto the next course, you may not go back to the previous course.

All our starters are served on sharing platters. To start with we highly recommend our most popular Deluxe Starter comprising Crispy Seaweed, Vegetarian Curry Samosas, Vegetarian Spring Rolls, Sesame Prawn on Toast, Satay Chicken on Skewers and BBQ Ribs, and then add on or remove items as you wish.

All our dishes are freshly cooked to order so there may be a reasonable time for the dishes to reach the table and please be aware that the dishes may not all arrive at the same time because of this. We thank you for your understanding.

To minimise food wastage please order what you can reasonably eat. The management reserves the right to charge for excessive wastage. Please note there is strictly no take away of uneaten food. All items are subject to availability and may change without prior notice.

Starters & Soup

B1 Crispy Seaweed (v)
B2 Vegetarian Curry Samosas (v)
B3 Vegetarian Spring Rolls (v)
B4 Sesame Prawn on Toasts
B5 Satay Chicken on Skewers
B6 BBQ Ribs
B7 Salt & Pepper Ribs
B8 Honey Ribs
B9 Sweet & Sour Ribs
B10 Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings
B11 Chicken Wings with BBQ sauce
B12 Chicken Wings with Sweet & Sour sauce
B13 Salt & Pepper Prawns (shell on)
B14 Prawn Crackers
B15 Sweet & Sour Sauce (v)
B16 Curry Sauce (v)
B17 Chicken Sweetcorn Soup
B18 Chicken Noodle Soup
B19 Chicken Mushroom Soup
B20 Sweetcorn Soup (v)
B21 Mixed Vegetables Soup (v)

Crispy Duck

B22 Aromatic Crispy Duck (served with salad, hoi sin sauce and pancakes)


B23 Shredded Beef with Chilli Sauce
B24 Shredded Beef with Honey&Chilli Sauce
B25 Shredded Chicken with Chilli Sauce
B26 Shredded Chicken with Honey&Chilli Sauce
B27 Shredded Chicken with Chilli Sauce
B28 Crispy Chicken with Honey&Chilli Sauce
B29 Salt & Pepper Shredded Chicken
B30 Salt & Pepper Crispy Chicken
B31 Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings
B32 Salt & Pepper Prawns (shell on)
B33 Salt & Pepper Ribs
B34 Chicken Wings with BBQ sauce
B35 Chicken Wings with Sweet & Sour sauce
B36 BBQ Ribs
B37 Honey Ribs
B38 Sweet & Sour Ribs
B39 Sweet & Sour Chicken
B40 Sweet & Sour Prawn
B41 Chicken Balls with Sweet & Sour sauce
B42 Mushroom Curry (v)
B43 Mixed Vegetables Curry (v)
B44 Noodles with beansprouts (v)
B45 Beef Noodles
B46 Chicken Noodles
B47 Roast Pork Noodles
B48 Boiled Rice (v)
B49 Egg Fried Rice
B50 Chicken Fried Rice
B51 Special Fried Rice
B52 Singapore Vermicelli
B53 Mixed Veg Vermicelli
B54 Chips (v)
B55 Salt & Pepper Chips (v)
B56 Onion Rings (v)
B57 Mini Sausages
B58 Chicken Nuggets
B59 Beef Foo Yung
B60 Chicken Foo Yung
B61 Roast Pork Foo Yung
B62 Mushroom Foo Yung
B63 Plain Foo Yung (v)
B64 Beef Omelette
B65 Chicken Omelette
B66 Roast Pork Omelette
B67 Mushroom Omelette (v)
B68 Plain Omelette (v)
B69 Curry Sauce (v)
B70 Sweet & Sour Sauce (v)

Select one of the following items:

B71 Beef
B72 Chicken
B73 Prawns
B74 Roast Pork

Then select one of the following sauces or vegetables:

A Black Bean Sauce
B Cantonese Sauce
C Curry Sauce
D Satay Sauce
E Szechuan Sauce
F Kung Po Sauce
G Ginger & Spring Onion
H Mixed Vegetables
I Mushrooms
J Lemon Sauce (chicken only)